In Perce we stop and stay, the painter and poet in a quest for inspiration, the exhausted intellect searches for rest, a faded convalescent and the traveller who has a distinct sens of beauty.

Antoine Bernard, La Gaspésie au soleil, 1925.

Perce, magical region... mythical region

Le Chafaud

The landscape of Perce undoubtedly carries the print of a devine intervation... The inspirational beauty of this place where the spirit flies predestines this site foremost with an artistic calling.

It's not surprising that this region has become a source of inspiration for a host of artist. The artistic patrimony of Perce abounds with works of art created in varied disciplines, such as, watercolours, drawing, engraving and photography, without forgetting, the cinema, music, poetry and novels.

This legacy, diserves to be better known because it bears witness to a phenomenon uncommon in the history of art throughout Quebec and even Canada. Privilège de la Rade de l'Isle Percée.

Picture : Jean-Louis Lebreux
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